Why Us

Our Vision:

A more connected world means more opportunities. In today’s competitive world, when we connect people and possibilities, business prosper, communities flourish, and lives are improved – everyone benefits. Business communities investing billions to build a global network with a strong footprint in emerging markets, our future plans and strategies are constantly expanding transportation with new routes and create innovative-integrity & superior logistics solutions.

When we properly employed, supply chain velocity, visibility and agility are improved, yielding significant bottom line results in the traditional functional expenditures, as well as inventory carrying costs and revenue enhancements. With our standards and customized solutions to your shipments and logistics needs are of the highest caliber – be it for a shipment across town or across the globe.

It’s not about delivering packages; it’s about enhancing people lives everywhere.

Our Mission:

We aim to take the logistics market in Egypt to a new era of advanced operations, achieving our ultimate goal of further enhancing Freight Forwarding industry, expanding transportation with new route. Helping domestic and international businesses to capitalize on commercial opportunities in this developing marketplace, wherever it’s, located in Egypt or beyond its borders, with individually customized solutions, up-to-date technologies and competitive and flexible prices. All this makes us the ideal partner for your company in the field of international freight and logistics


ACS serves all scales of` companies in various business fields, from small independents to large firms. ACS is the ideal partner for your company in the field of international freight forwarding and logistics. Our ability to create customized solutions in specialized areas/services such as industrial logistics and other critical areas of multimodal transportation is the result of our pragmatic approach.


  • Tailored solutions
  • Goods status (Location – Arrival time…etc)
  • Flexible and competitive prices
  • Decreased coasting
  • Punctual delivery times
  • Up-to-date technologies